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Navy Herringbone Tweed Pants

Annual Ring

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  • Based on the 1920's common American trousers, there are also the waist pocket (Pocket Watch) and double pleated details often found in the old-fashioned trousers.

    Non-slim style, high waisted pants, hidden main buckle, slightly sloped trouser legs.

    We used four kinds of fabrics on this pair of trousers, including 100 wool tweed, 100 copper ammonia silk cloth, cotton color cloth for waist, and the pocket cloth is full cotton herringbone old coarse cloth. It is worth mentioning that the classic but long-forgotten details of the waist pocket ticket bag (Pocket Watch) and double pleats were added this time. These details often appeared in the trousers from the 19th century to the early 20th century. In the beginning, almost all the gentlemen had a pocket watch, and the pocket pocket pocket at the waist made it more convenient for them to put the pocket watch when they took off their vest. However, after more people use belts instead of straps, the small ticket bags (Pocket Watch bags) at the waist lose their basic practicability and are no longer used in trousers. As for the pleats under the waist, the common trousers at present are pleats and single pleats, while the design of double pleats was functional at the beginning of the period. In that particular era, it was very inconvenient for gentlemen to stretch their legs when riding, getting on and off the horse, and the appearance of the pleats under the waist made the gentlemen have enough comfort while riding gracefully to avoid embarrassment. Now with the continuous change of aesthetics, the functionality of double pleats is no longer valuable, and its design was considered not very beautiful at that time, so the classic design gradually disappeared. Micro inclined belt arc hem, more fit upper body.

    Let more classic play place inadvertently jump into the eye, let more forgotten details be picked up again, these are the reincarnation of an era. It's a great honor for us to be part of it.

    1. 80% Wool, 500g Tweed
    2. Japan Bemberg lining
    3. Yarn-dyed fabric for the waist
    4. Herringbone cotton cloth for the pocket
    5. True ox horn button

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