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Hound's-Tooth Tweed Tailored Jacket

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  • It's made of hound's-tooth check tweed(The thousand bird pattern), which is very popular after the 1950s. It's a classic American three-button two suit coat.

    The thousand bird pattern originated in Scotland. It was originally called the hound's tooth check because its pattern is similar to the zigzag shape formed by the dog's teeth. Later, because the literal name was a bit vulgar, which destroyed its original style, and the Japanese thought it looked like a lot of birds flying together, they named it "thousand bird pattern", and it has been handed down to this day.

    The Duke of Windsor was an early celebrity wearing it. After the celebrity effect, the Tweed with this pattern became the favorite of British aristocrats in the 19th and 20th centuries. Later, there was a dog tooth check with different colors. In 1874, the American shooting club selected it as the uniform fabric, so this color dog tooth check is also called "Gun Club check".

    As an American suit, the classic three-button two (only buttons in the middle). This time we keep the classic design details, optimize the version, and remove the shoulder pad to show the natural shoulder line. Add a little waistline, narrow armhole, more suitable for body shape. The thousand bird pattern is different from ordinary fabric. This kind of small pattern is dazzling. In the cutting and sewing of the garment to the lattice, the masters have spent more effort, and the loss of fabric is also more. For the same garment, lattice fabric consumes more than 30% more than the fabric without lattice, which shows the difficulty. If there is any imperfection in the aspect of lattice, please forgive me.

    The fabric is made of British woolen tweed, which is a niche brand in the UK. It has a superior texture and a friendly price. It is a rare treasure. At present, there are only over one hundred pieces left, which can't be replenished after being sold out.

    1. 100% Wool, 500g Tweed Made in England
    2. Bemberg lining Made in Japan
    3. Cowhide handwoven button
    4. Dry cleaning recommended

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