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Brown's Beach French Striped Chambray Work Pant

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  • Inspired by the common striped overalls from the 1920s-1930s in France.

    Based on the high waisted overalls often worn by French workers in the old era, the details of the version were revised. In that era when materials were scarce, the working people often used their old trousers as their labor, so we will find that many details in the trousers, such as straight pockets, fishtail waist support, etc., will appear in the pants of the working people. The pants are a classic one-piece cut with a waistline. The waistline is reduced and made into a round waist. The fishtail of the back waist is slightly reduced in height, making the waistline closer to the back of the human body. Also, the common sweat cloth in the customized trousers in the old era is added under the waist, which greatly improves the comfort. And according to the habit of most people, the details of trouser legs and pocket radians are modified. The overall version is a regular straight tube, slightly loose, but not the wide leg, which is different from the traditional wide-leg overalls.

    Early pants are high waisted, fishtail back design, and no elastic no belt ring. Before the belt appeared, both the trousers worn by gentlemen and the overalls often worn by the working people at the bottom were almost fixed by the back belt to avoid falling, and the loop belt and buckle back (what we call Paris to buckle) were designed on both sides of the waist or at the back waist to adjust the spare space of the waist. This classic design has been passed down for more than 100 years, and it is also an indispensable detail in many replica styles.

    1. 100% Cotton, Reproduce Brown's Beach 13oz Grey-brown striped fabric
    2. High-density twill cotton cloth for waist & pocket
    3. Striped jacquard cloth for sweat cloth at back waist
    4. Alloy button & Do old Paris button made of brass

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