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Brown Tweed Half-Norfolk Jacket

Annual Ring

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  • The design originates from the classic sports coat worn by the British aristocrats during riding and hunting in the second half of the 19th century "Half-Norfolk Jacket".

    The British aristocrats are famous for their love of sports. They usually take horseback riding as a compulsory course. In autumn, they will form a team to go hunting in the countryside. The special design of the Norfolk jacket allows nobles to have more space for activities in the upper body when they are exercising immediately, and they can still maintain the elegant fit in their spare time, so it is very popular. For a long time, it gradually became the representative clothing of leisure clothing in the second half of the 19th century. Up to now, it is still irreplaceable classic clothing.

    After hundreds of years of pursuit and evolution, Norfolk jacket has derived a variety of different clothing. Its classic design also adds more color to Ivy style.

    1. 100% Wool, 480g Brown Tweed
    2. Japan Bemberg Lining
    3. Cowhide handwoven button
    4. Dry cleaning recommended

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