Shetland Wool Fair isle Sweater Vest

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Inspired by the unique pattern of Fair Isle, one of the famous Shetland Islands in northern Scotland.

Fair Isle is located between the Orkney and Shetland Islands. It's a serious island. Its area is only 7.68 square kilometers, and the living population can be counted in a single step. The small island is beautiful and pleasant, but the climate is cold and humid. Women in the island weave unique sweaters to fight against the bad weather when the island men go to sea to hunt whales. For hundreds of years, this kind of special knitting technology has been passed from mother to daughter. The traditional technology has been persisting. People also call this special pattern sweater Suidao sweater Fair Isle sweater. For centuries, the sea has taken many lives from the island. In 1897, the lives of eight men were swallowed up by the sea, and only 29 people lived on the island, which was a tragic period in the history of Fair Isle. Lacking the island's skilled fishermen, Fair Isle's women have to weave and sell knitwear to help the island's families.

In 1921, the Duke of Windsor appeared on the golf course in a Fair Isle pattern sweater, sparking a never before seen boom in Fair Isle, which lasted for hundreds of years.

The two tank top models are the same, both of them are regular version, not the Korean version, natural shoulder width, not short version. Camel sweaters use 7 colors of wool yarn, blue sweaters use 8 colors, each sweater contains three patterns, using a line of 2-color traditional technology as a whole, unified before and after, circulating in the whole. Among them, the most complex pattern has a cycle of up to 60 stitches. The pattern combines the totems of the sun, ox head, arrow, and so on. The neckline and cuffs of the two sweaters are made of two different technologies, and the wearing effect is also different, increasing the playability.

Two Fair Isle sweaters have complicated designs and colors, and there are 7-8 kinds of colors. Ordinary looms can't weave such complicated patterns. In addition, the loss of the weaving process is as high as 25% ~ 30% due to the large cycle pattern of the front and back body. The cost of making a Fair Isle sweater is much higher than expected. But it's worth the effort, and it's going to be one of the essential winter members of your wardrobe.

The style of Shedlan wool is rugged, firm, warm, and fluffy, which will make you feel a bit harsh. In the beginning, you may feel unaccustomed because you haven't touched such texture. It is these characteristics that make Shedlan wool unique, which is the unique flavor of the British classic.

  1. 100% British Shetland wool
  2. Dry cleaning
Size Shoulder Chest
36/S 15.2  38.5 36.2  92
38/M 15.7  40 37.8  96
40/L 16.1  41 39.8  101
42/XL 16.9  43 41.3  105

Size Length
36/S 24.0  61
38/M 24.8  63
40/L 25.2  64
42/XL 26.0  66
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