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Shirt Styling: Five Must-Have Types

Shirt Styling: Five Must-Have Types

As temperatures rise, a cool and breathable shirt becomes indispensable. Today, we'll be introducing Olderbest's classic shirt products and the latest additions to our shirt collection, providing detailed insights into each shirt's characteristics and ideal styling.

Since its debut, the 9 oz Wabash Vent Hole Work Shirt has garnered widespread acclaim. Its subtly faded retro effect and authentic runoff chain-stitching construction capture the workwear aesthetics of the 1940s-1950s, making it a perfect choice for spring and summer wear. Additionally, we've introduced the band collar 9 oz Wabash Striped Indigo Work Shirt and the Slim Fit Wabash Striped Indigo Western Shirt, blending western influences with classic style. The Wabash family now boasts 14 products. We recommend pairing them with dark denim or khaki chinos for a rugged appeal. For slightly cooler weather, consider layering with a lightweight jacket. As for footwear, opt for elegantly designed leather shoes or sneakers.

Chambray shirts boast a rich history of practicality and durability, originally crafted for 19th-century workers. Their distinctive two-color appearance and breathable fabric soon made them synonymous with American workwear culture. Later, their versatility led to adoption by the military. Today, chambray remains a timeless wardrobe staple, favored for its soft texture and everyday appeal. Time Catcher's newest addition, the Military Wash Chambray Workshirt, utilizes pale blue colored 5 oz. chambray for a refreshing visual effect. Pair it effortlessly with denim jeans, chinos, or shorts for a classic look.

Introduced last year, the 1950s Italian Collar Linen Shirt has been a standout piece. Crafted from 5 oz linen fabric with a distinctive one-piece collar, it offers unparalleled breathability and style. Due to its positive reception, we've introduced a Long-Sleeve version this season, available in mustard yellow, apricot, and brown, complemented by shell buttons designed to match the shirt color. Pair these shirts with chinos and loafers for a sophisticated yet laid-back ensemble.

Dress Shirt:
Olderbest's dress shirt collection currently features three styles, including striped and grid pattern shirts from Annual Ring. Militora's latest addition, the Lot 215 Dress Shirt, boasts a basic yet versatile design, crafted from Japanese plain weave fabric. Its special spread collar adds a unique touch to everyday work attire, effortlessly elevating any suit, cardigan, and jeans pairing.


Aloha shirts are the epitome of summer casual wear, known for their lively patterns and vibrant colors. Initially introduced from Bronson, they offer a playful yet stylish option. Additionally, Annual Ring offers tropical plant-themed shirts, including the Tropical Plants Jacquard Aloha Shirt, made from 72% lyocell and 28% polyester fabric for a lightweight and stylish feel. Pair them with solid-colored bottoms like chinos, denim shorts, or neutral-colored trousers to balance the boldness of the shirt. If layering is your preference, consider adding a solid-colored T-shirt or tank top underneath for added versatility.

This summer, we'll introduce more Aloha shirts, be prepared!

We hope this guide provides insights into choosing and styling your shirts.

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