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About Loopwheel

About Loopwheel

For vintage lovers, loopwheel t-shirts are an excellent choice for warmer seasons.


Loopwheel process was developed in 1926 by the Italian inventor Giuseppe Negra. What sets Loopwheel apart is its minimal tension during weaving, which contributes to the fabric's exceptional softness and durability. The resulting material typically has a medium to heavy weight and boasts a unique texture that is challenging to replicate using conventional production methods. This combination of qualities makes Loopwheel fabric highly desirable, particularly in industries such as fashion and sportswear, where both comfort and longevity are valued.


Loopwheel-woven fabric is ideal for t-shirts. It offers comfort, adapts to your body shape, and resists deformation. When you take it off and wash it, it returns to its original form.


Olderbest now offers two collections of loopwheels.


The popular type from Bronson, classic colors of apricot, vintage black and white, have been our bestsellers ever since they were released.

Bronson uses the machine improved based on "Loopwheel Machine". The principle of the textile method is basically the same, and the use of the same "Bearded Needle". It can achieve the same effect as the original production of fabric, but the efficiency has been greatly improved.


The Tim Catcher’s 'Loopwheel Knitting Collection'  is crafted using the vintage 'Tompkins Upright Rotary Knitting Machine' from the early 20th century. The Tompkin’s upright rotary knitting machine is invented by Clark Tompkins, the simplified structure and the improvement of resulting fabric can not be surpass by other machine. Tompkins' innovation set a new standard for the quality and consistency of the resulting fabric. When worn, it slightly stretches to conform to the body but revert back to its original state after washing.


The Time Catcher family now offers more types of loopwheel t-shirts, including crew necks, henleys, and long sleeve tees, available in various colors.

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