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WWII Royal Navy Smock Anorak

Sunset Boulevard

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  • As early as the 1920s in Europe, smock appeared in much military clothing. Most of the hat mouth designs are very small or have the rope, Multi-Pocket designs. These interesting details are to be able to effectively prevent wind and store more things. So in the old generation of outdoor clothing began to continue its design, widely used in exploration and mountaineering operations.
    SBC has integrated military and outdoor themes and designed several classic blouses and coats. There are many military details that can be found in this dress. For example, the pocket cover with four buttons on the chest was originally designed to fix the earphone cable. We changed it into a chest pocket with storage capacity. The two pockets with the shape of water drops below are often seen in the Navy plywood suit. We adjusted the shape and made it. The zipper of the neckline uses forest green for color contrast, with overall visual effect The visual effect is better. This fabric is twill fabric made of imported organic cotton yarn. The natural cottonseed shell and high-quality cotton fiber make the texture outstanding.

    1. Fabric: organic cotton fabric
    2. Content: 100% cotton

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