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WWII khaki Smock Anorak

Sunset Boulevard

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  • As early as the 1920s in Europe, smock appeared in much military clothing. Most of the hat mouth designs are very small or have the rope, Multi-Pocket designs. These interesting details are to be able to effectively prevent wind and store more things. So in the old generation of outdoor clothing began to continue its design, widely used in exploration and mountaineering operations.
    SBC will be military and outdoor theme fusion, design a few classic blouse jacket. It is worth mentioning that this kind of fabric is quite special. In order not to change the original taste of grey fabric, keep the prominent texture of its fiber and the tension of hemp, we use the method of making early hand-dyed fabric in a small batch at any time and cost, use the ancient natural dyeing method and natural sun drying, and finally form the fabric surface with dye The mark of residue and natural fold sense, these natural wrinkles can be said to be the mark of time.
    May good things are treasured and every SBC garment in your hand be treasured. It will not be produced again.

    1. Nissan natural dyed fabric
    2. Materials: 85% cotton, 8% linen, 7% ramie

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