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Thin Khaki chino Pants

Sunset Boulevard

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  • The history of Chino can be traced back to the 19th century. In the beginning, it was developed for the army to fight better. It can be used as a camouflage very well, so it was often used by the army in the next hundred years. For example, the classic matching of Chino with flying suit A2 in the movie of McQueen is a classic matching. Khaki pants also play an important role in the American retro style. Chino can be well-matched with a variety of flying leather clothes, jeans, oil wax clothes, etc., and even it is a good match with the British retro style.
    These khaki pants are made of imported cotton yarn from the United States, with soft hand feel, fine texture, and good touch. They are thin, suitable for spring, summer, autumn and three seasons, but not suitable for the northern and Central Plains regions in winter. The straight pants are not wide legs, which also gives more possibilities for matching. Using UJ pure cotton thread of Japan for fine sewing, buttons are purchased from famous Japanese companies with super-high quality old-fashioned horn buttons, which restore the details of classic buttons and improve the quality requirements of modern demand.
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    1. Fabric: Thin American Veil Twill
    2. Content: 100% cotton

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