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Striped Tweed Pants

Annual Ring

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  • Based on the 1920's common American style trousers, there are also details such as fishtail waist support and side loop adjusting buckle in the old style trousers. Non-slim style, high waisted pants, slightly sloped trouser legs.

    Based on the high waisted trousers worn by the gentlemen in the 1920s old era, the details of the silhouette were revised to keep the looseness of the trousers and the trouser legs were properly narrowed, which was not as loose as the original western trousers in 1920s, and more suitable for daily wear. It is worth mentioning that the classic but long-forgotten details, such as fishtail split waistband, strap button and double pleats, which were often used in the old trousers at that time, were added. These details were basically conventional in the 19th-20th century.

    1. Material: 100% 530G Wool Tweed
    2. Lining: Japan Bemberg 100% Copper Ammonia Silk
    3. Button: Real Horn Button

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