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Striped Corduroy Western Shirt

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  • Inspired by the 1950s Western Shirt.

    Speaking of Western shirts, like jeans, I think of all the handsome American Western cowboys. This shirt, however, originated in Mexico and is said to have evolved from the Guayabera Shirt, which was often worn by Mexican herdsmen at that time.

    The traditional Western shirt has several obvious characteristics. The buttons are all buttons, at least three buttons are straight on the cuff, and there is a various zigzag yoke on the back and chest. These have their own functions. The convenience of the button lies in that the cowboy can quickly and smoothly untie the clothes when he is caught by the branches and other clothes when riding or when he is attacked and bitten by wild animals in the wild. And the cuffs with multiple buttons are more convenient to pull up the cuffs step by step in cowboy work and activities.

    Western shirts are usually made of tannin, plaid, and cotton. The Western shirts with exquisite embroidery on the front, back, and cuffs are often used to make dress shirts for parties.

    In the adjustment of the version, we have made many comparative modifications and paid a lot of effort, so the version of each shirt is different, not to cover everyone with a set. This shirt is a regular version with a slightly closed waist. It's overall straight without dragging. It's made of unique striped corduroy fabric. I believe it can completely fill the vacancy of "the one that has been waiting" in your wardrobe.

    1. Japanese 8oz stripe cotton corduroy & High-density cotton twill
    2. Natural big horseshoe conch shell button & Japanese pearlescent buckle

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