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Slim Fit Crewneck T-shirt

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  • Based on the 1950s popular American narrow round shoulder T-shirt.

    The original intention of making this T-shirt is to be "comfortable". A lot of common heavyweight T-shirts give up their original comfortable feeling in order to be thick and are occupied by rough, hard, and low-density texture. This T-shirt will not only retain the weight but also give her a softer and more delicate texture. I believe it will be different from most of the heavy T-shirts you have ever contacted. Fabric with 4% spandex, so that the clothes really do not deform after long washing, and maintain more air permeability. The neckline rib, which is the most frequently rubbed on the body, is also more delicate. Compared with other T-shirts, the rib is slightly thinner, more skin-friendly, and not easy to deform. All for comfort, this is the most needed feeling in the hot summer.

    Many customers asked us why I didn't make a seamless barrel woven T-shirt. Because there is only one type of T-shirt, that is a straight tube, we are not willing to sacrifice a better upper body effect to compromise "seamless", which is contrary to our concept of this T-shirt, so we give up.

    1. 96% Cotton, 4% Spandex

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