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Old Time Style Work Suit

Sunset Boulevard

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  • Inspired by American workwear in the 1950s, we simplified the details of Multi-Pocket workwear and integrated them into daily casual wear, making it more versatile in the process of daily wear.
    From Japan SHIBAYA CO. LTD special style fabric, in order to pursue the natural style In the small batch production by hand, hand dyeing is doomed to complete only one roll of 15-25m. After dyeing, the finished product is dried under natural light, which is often referred to as " Solarization ", just like the principle of coffee sun treatment, which pursues the original style and flavor, which is also a major feature of this fabric. The lining uses SBC's original "MIBO" fabric, which is also the last batch of fabric. It is estimated that it is difficult to use this fabric again.

    1. Fabric: Japanese handmade dyed fabric
    2. Content: 100% cotton

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