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Mud Dyeing Hoodie

Sunset Boulevard

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  • Simple, it is the most difficult.
    This time we developed and customized 340g organic cotton fabric with fine texture and good air permeability. It is sewn with pure cotton thread imported from Japan, which is stronger and better in texture.
    In terms of design, add a small card bag in the pocket according to the current needs. You can put your spare parts in the pocket without a backpack in the city.
    As for dyeing, this type uses natural plant dyeing and mud dyeing. Plants are overprinted with hematoxylin, Rubia, indigo, pomegranate peel, ancient tree tea, gallnut, and eucalyptus leaves. After the completion of the background color, mud dyeing is carried out. According to the different seasons, the gray is slightly changed, sometimes cold gray, sometimes warm gray, so please do not tangle.
    Natural dyeing may be uneven due to sunlight, temperature and other external factors, which is a normal phenomenon, please know.

    1. Fabric: imported organic cotton fabric
    2. Content: 100% cotton
    3. Dyeing: natural plant dyeing, mud dyeing

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