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1800s J317 Miner Denim Jacket

Sunset Boulevard

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  • The design inspiration comes from the 19th century (the 1800s) American miner's workwear, dense tannic cloth, short, wide and a large number of movable pleats, all of which reflect the practicality of the work jacket. The shape of the dress is square, and there are active pleats on the chest and back. This design is necessary for the early tooling. The purpose is to facilitate the work. Today, it is not only for comfort but also a symbol of fashion. Dress easy to match. Whether it's Denim pants or casual pants, or with a hoodie, it's a good match.
    All the garments are strictly made in SBC's own studio with antique sewing machines. While the front pocket retains the single bag design, and there is no improved double pocket. Because SBC wants to keep its original taste stronger, we keep a lot of original small details in the details, such as the pocket adopts the shape of the narrow top and wide bottom, the collar adopts the design of 19th-century European shirt collar, which will be a jacket worthy of your careful taste.

    1. Fabric: Custom 7mm Cloth 10.9oz Denim
    2. Content: 100% cotton

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