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Herringbone Tweed Pants

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  • Based on the classics that are common after the 1920s. High waisted cut, non-slim style, single pleated waist, slightly sloped hem.

    The early American suit was designed by Booker brothers, an old suit company, in its heyday. In 1920, it first set the consumer group on Ivy League students. At that time, it was also considered suitable for college students, but not for the upper class on Wall Street. It was not until the end of the second world war that American suits began to enter the upper class, and their wearing became the object of imitation.

    As an important branch of American leisure clothing culture, Ivy style has a big difference from tooling, military uniform, locomotive leather clothing, etc. in that it is heavily influenced by the culture of the European clothing system. Unlike other vintage style clothes, they are purely originated and developed in the United States.

    This is a high waisted pants type. Unlike the British trousers, the American trousers are relatively loose, so is the suit top. Single pleat at waist, slightly sloping hem. The overall upper body effect is more consistent with the taste of the background of that era. This time, the overall cutting has been optimized. However, if you are not a self-cultivation type, please detour if you like the Korean version of self-cultivation. We really can't make that version.

    We will try our best to choose better materials and try our best to make every customer feel the classic flavor of traditional old-fashioned clothing and have a more comfortable wearing experience.

    1. 75% Wool, 500g Tweed
    2. 55% Japan Bemberg lining
    3. Cowhide handwoven button
    4. Dry cleaning recommended

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