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Brown's Beach French Striped Chambray Vest

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  • Inspired by the common striped vest in the 1920s-1930s in France.

    Based on the work clothes and waistcoats worn by French workers in the old era, the details of the version were revised. In that era when materials were scarce, people would not spend more money to use high-quality fabrics for the back of the vest, but choose cheaper linen, cotton cloth or lining as the back fabric, and also choose fabrics with sharp contrast with the front of the vest in color, so that the back exposed after taking off the coat would not appear cheap. This design has continued to this day, almost become classic details that cannot be changed.

    This time, we improved it to use high-density twill cloth instead of the common lining cloth as the back body, so that it can be more natural, wear-resistant, and warm-keeping when wearing alone or inside. Many adjustments and optimizations have been made on the pattern, such as green fruit collar, straight placket, appropriate widening of the hem, and split in the back, so that the friends with a belly can have a good visual self-cultivation without cramping their stomachs. We have different versions of each vest. We don't make perfunctory use of them. Therefore, the effect of each vest is different and worth pondering.

    1. 100% Cotton, Reproduce Brown's Beach 13oz Grey-brown striped fabric and High-density twill cotton fabric
    2. Cotton stripe jacquard cloth for the lining
    3. Alloy button

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