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Corduroy Farmer Work Pants

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  • Inspired by 1920's farmer work pants. Based on the corduroy overalls often worn by farmworkers in the old era, this time, the version was revised. Common overalls are straight waist. We reduce waste and make it into a round waist. The fishtail at the back of the waist slightly reduces the height, making the waistband more fit the back of the waist and greatly improve the comfort. And according to the habit of most people, the details of trouser legs and pockets are modified. The overall version is a slightly loose, but not wide leg, which is different from the traditional wide-leg overalls.

    Early pants are high waisted, fishtail back design, and no elastic no belt ring. Before the belt appeared, both the trousers worn by gentlemen and the overalls often worn by the working people at the bottom were almost fixed by the back belt to avoid falling, and the loop belt and buckle back (what we call Paris to buckle) were designed on both sides of the waist or at the back waist to adjust the spare space of the waist. This classic design has been passed down for more than 100 years, and it is also an indispensable detail in many replica styles.

    Corduroy fabric has inherent advantages in overall matching. Whether it's to match the workwear style to show enough rough texture, or to wear a rough tweed jacket and a thick knit sweater to make an all-out rugged gentleman, there's no pressure. Among Ivy Ivy Ivy styles, corduroy is an integral part of Oxford shirt and left shoes, which are easy to match. Simply put, these corduroy overalls are enough to keep your wardrobe from boring.

    1. Japan 12oz brown cotton corduroy
    2. High-density twill cotton is used for waist
    3. Herringbone pattern cotton pocket
    4. True ox horn button
    5. Recommended washed by hand

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