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USN 1920s Model Jumper Deck Work Denim Overrall

Sunset Boulevard

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  • The U.S. Navy dress jumper has a long history. It has a half breasted design since 1910, and it has been canceled from half front design to button design since 1920, which is convenient for wearing and taking off.
    SBC chose this classic button version of the 1920s, adding many interesting designs, such as the octopus logo on the inside of the cuff, which can show when the cuff is rolled up. This Octopus sign has a special significance. Sailors who have been wandering on the sea for a long time will draw many things about their hometown or their thoughts day and night on their clothes. This Octopus represents the sailor himself, the beautiful woman represents his wife or his desire for the opposite sex, so this design really reflects the thoughts of people in that era.

    1. Fabric: 8oz navy denim、12oz Blue and white striped denim
    2. Content: 100% cotton

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