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1950s Camellia Oil Cotton Striped Work Shirt

Sunset Boulevard

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  • In the golden age of the United States in the 1950s, the popular casual shirt was a kind of shirt formed by adopting the material of a partial dress shirt and choosing the style similar to the Hawaiian shirt. After the war, the American people lived and worked in peace and had rapid economic development. They began to pursue comfortable and more formal shirts in terms of wearing.
    The design of this shirt is based on the casual shirt in the 1950s. It adopts a + grade camellia oil post-treatment cotton cloth produced by KUWAMURA CO. LTD. of Japan, which feels like a silk plate. The classic stripe color matching and the classic American style shirt are integrated. The flat effect determines its more matching possibilities.
    SBC has its own studio for precision sewing and quality assurance.

    1. Fabric: Nissan camellia oil cotton fabric
    2. Content: 100% cotton

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