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1930s linen Work Shirt

Sunset Boulevard

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  • The work clothes shirt plays an important role in the American style retro. In the movies and TV series "Wheel On Wheels", "Django Unchained" and so on, we can see that the characteristics that used to represent functionality and durability have now become the vane of fashion.
    SBC improves its fabric and silhouette while retaining the classic details of the work shirt. This shirt is made of advanced French Linen fabric, which is characterized by a strong sense of bone and draping, and good moisture and air permeability. Therefore, it is often used in spring and summer clothing. The fiber length and skin affinity of advanced linen fabric will subvert the traditional concept of hemp touch. This advanced fabric is waiting for your taste. Using Nissan high-quality button and UJ pure cotton thread to increase the detail texture, and made by some antique machines in SBC's own studio, with guaranteed quality.

    1. Fabric: Premium French linen fabric
    2. Content: 100% linen

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