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1870S Demin Shorts

Sunset Boulevard

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  • In the 19th century, because of the gold rush and mining boom, the production purpose of work clothes was mainly on the fastness, not Seiko making every garment. Under the large demand of the market, a lot of clothing appeared in the situation of crooked and twisted lines. We purposely continued the original style, although it was a very small detail, it increased the production difficulty invisibly.
    Independently customized and developed fabrics and hardware accessories, according to the 19th-century denim 1:1 to restore fabric texture and texture, The unique wide cloth edge makes the fabric more distinctive. Sewed with Japanese UJ pure cotton thread, with outstanding details and wide silhouettes to match, can easily match with all kinds of canvas shoes and sandals.

    1. Fabric: Customized 10.9oz denim

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