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1800s J318 Miner jacket

Sunset Boulevard

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  • On the J318 jackets, you can see the shadow of the 19th-century American workwear.
    It is a jacket that combines the characteristics of many European immigrant clothes and American clothes. Use 12.9oz Japanese denim and Wabash fabric developed exclusively by SBC. The detail of the round neck comes from the details of European advanced shirts. The buttonhole is not a regular phoenix eye, but a flat head keyhole. This way mostly appears on shirts. But in fact, jackets in the 19th century were used for both inside and outside, so you can see that many of the jackets in those days were made of the flathead keyhole. But the pocket style, double triangle reinforcement, the left and right sides of the Paris button are deliberately asymmetric, and so on. These are the elements of the early workwear.
    We have designed the representative work "J318" with these playful elements together, hoping that it can accompany you for a lifetime.

    1. Fabric: Nissan Indigo 12.9oz Denim / 10oz Wabash
    2. Content: 100% cotton

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