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1800s 12.9oz Denim Miner Jeans

Sunset Boulevard

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  • S302 is composed of smooth lines and elegant arcs, which are designed from the details of 19th century American tooling. The waist is designed in an arc shape, which is expected to show the elegant arc of the front pocket and the change pocket when you use the straps. The selvedge denim of pink edge is used, and the front flap is integrated. This way was designed to compete with Levis at that time. Because Levis registered the rivet patent, other brands try to reinforce the position of the crotch which is easy to tear.
    This pair of jeans is not loose. It's an improved version for more diversified matching. The small straight tube version is very easy to match with boots or canvas shoes.

    1. Fabric: Nissan Indigo 12.9oz Denim
    2. Content: 100% cotton

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