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1800s J317 Gingham Miner jacket

Sunset Boulevard

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  • SBC is a complete replica of the original (1800's) plaid coat texture.
    This kind of jacket originated in the western part of the United States. Because of the gold rush and mining boom, some American clothing companies saw business opportunities and began to make some simple, durable, spacious and comfortable work clothes that the working class could afford. This kind of jacket is generally short and wide and has pleats on the chest and back. These details make the wearer move freely and more comfortably. In the places where the clothes are easy to be stressed and worn frequently, the fastness will be specially strengthened, such as the corners of pockets, the pleats on the front and back of the chest, the slit of the sleeve, which will be reinforced with rivets or triangular car lines, so as to make the clothes more durable.

    1. Fabric: 8oz indigo handwoven
    2. Content: 100% cotton

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